Getting Help with Canvas

By Phone

Do you need help with Canvas? You can reach Canvas Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance by calling +1 (312) 481-8979.

From the Help Menu in Canvas

Clicking the "Help" icon from the left-side menu opens up additional options. You can use the chat option if you don't want to call. There is also an option to send Canvas a report if a tool or feature isn't working as expected. You can also access Canvas guides for faculty and students from the "Help" menu. Students can even send a message to a professor directly from this menu!

Students: Issues Accessing Your Course?

Keep in mind that Canvas isn't necessarily the problem if you can't access your course. Your instructor must "Publish" the course before students are able to see it. Ask your instructor if the course has been published before contacting Canvas Support.

Students taking online courses will not have access to courses until the weekend before classes begin. Questions about online course access should be directed to Moody Distance Learning at 1-800-758-6352.

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