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How Do I Log in to Canvas?

Follow these steps to access Canvas. The user ID and password information is the same whether you are using Canvas via a web browser or using it via one of the Canvas apps.

    1. Go to This will take you to a Microsoft page (which is the system Moody uses to give permission to enter the site). Type in your Moody email address.
    2. Next, you will be directed to a Moody login page; you are on the correct page if you see a picture of the Moody clocktower.
    3. Use the following format to log in:
      Username =
      For many users, their Moody username (used to log into myMoody) is first initial, last name; someone with an even more common name might have first initial, last name, plus a number as a username (e.g., jsmith or hjones3). So, for Canvas, jsmith would be and hjones3 would be Be sure you are using this shorter version of your email address and not your longer one (e.g.,
      Password = your regular Moody password

Now you should be on the Canvas homepage. Your courses will be represented by "tiles."

Canvas Status

Click here to see the status of the Canvas system (system status possibilities include operational, degraded performance, partial outage, major outage, and maintenance). Information about past outages is also listed.

Supported Browsers

Click here to see which browsers work with Canvas. (Keep in mind that Flash and Respondus Lockdown Browser, which are included in the listing, both work within other applications and shouldn't be considered as a typical browser you would install on your computer.)

Supported File Types

Canvas supports specific document file types and specific media file types for assignment uploads from students.

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